DJ Unwind is the pseudonym of Minnesota based producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Brad LaBarbera. As DJ Unwind, LaBarbera has released several short-format albums which are especially noted for their laid-back production heavily hip-hop influenced.

DJ Unwind also produces exclusive music for popular TV series. "Sons of Anarchy" (FX) and 14-episodes of "The Kardashians" (E!) are included on his list of TV credits. Unwind’s big screen approach to production, as well as his continued placement in TV & Film confirm his passion as an artist can be found within the world of cinematic experiences.

In addition to his genre-eluding solo work, DJ Unwind works as a professional mix engineer for a wide-variety of artists, and can be hired through SoundBetter.



"It is not often, in 2013, that an instrumentalist/remix master comes to the scene and offers an alternative to the music on popular radio stations. Without disrespect to the popular music scene, DJ Unwind is able to take influences from popular music and create something that invokes intelligent thought and provokes a peaceful vibe into the airwaves. Even when accompanying other artists, his musical beats are the guiding force behind it all."


"There is something to be said for musicians that sidestep the latest subgenre in order to master the harmonic space that they currently find themselves a part of.  With the compounded interest of everyday pressure in everyone’s life, there will always be a need for downtempo recordings. This 7-track EP is headphone-essential music, the kind you want to listen to closely so you don’t miss the subtle nuances within the mix."


"Reminiscent of the "golden-era" of hip-hop music, Truth Beyond the Beat is a brilliant display of jazzy beats that embody Unwind's name. In addition, this album is sampled exclusively from vinyl records, including all drum samples. This is a direct representation of Unwind's creativity and approach to an instant classic among the purest of beat-diggers."