"There’s a lot of noise in the industry right now. Thus, it’s particularly refreshing when I sit down in the studio to listen to an endeavor that’s fascinatingly different and creatively complex. That’s what ‘Sunday Music’ is."

“Sunday Music is a striking proof that DJ Unwind and Levphonic aren’t just accomplished artists, but also avid music fans with an eclectic taste and with a singular creative vision."

"DJ Unwind and Levphonic follow in the footsteps of artists as diverse as Moby, Groove Armada or Massive Attack, creating music that feels textural and haunting, yet remaining full of groove and rhythm."

“Sunday Music is simply original in a way that utilizes innovative musical techniques infused with progressive methods to create a cohesive, novel sound. The symbiosis between the old-school feel and new is evident which creates a hybrid model of authentic music."

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