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DJ Unwind is the pseudonym of Minneapolis based producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Brad LaBarbera. As DJ Unwind, LaBarbera has released three short-format albums which are especially noted for their laid-back production and outside-the-box fusion of his unique and wide-ranging stylistic influences.

Unwind’s 2006 debut release Truth Beyond the Beat, is layered in jazz-infused 90’s hip-hop and received positive critical reviews from Okayplayer, a popular online taste-making community. The initial success of his first release carried over into a Japanese re-issue on Libyus Records that cemented Unwind as a truly global artist. He pursues this newfound cosmopolitan audience with the experimental lounge of 2010’s Far From Here EP. Released on his own Velvet Music Group label, “Far From Here,” pushes him out of the hip-hop comfort zone of his previous efforts with a focus on wide-lens atmospheres that progress with a distinctly European sway. By pairing up with precocious Australian vocalist, Hannah Karydas (aka Eves the Behavior), for 2013’s Epais DJ Unwind has continued his mission to construct his signature sound.

In addition to his genre-eluding solo work, DJ Unwind actively engages in collaborations as both musician and producer. Most notably, in the trip-hop leaning Oceans of Velvet, he and unlikely collaborators Paul Allender, the popular British heavy metal guitar player and Riva Taylor, a classical-crossover vocalist, have released one EP, and are currently working on another release.

DJ Unwind’s solo music, as well as selections from Oceans of Velvet can be heard on popular TV shows such as “Sleepy Hollow” (FOX) and "Sons of Anarchy" (FX) amongst others (IMDB). Unwind’s big screen approach to production, as well as his continued placement in TV and film confirm his true passion as an artist can be found within the world of cinematic experience.

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