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"DJ Unwind & Levphonic's 'Sunday Music' is simply original in a way that utilizes innovative musical techniques infused with progressive methods to create a cohesive, novel sound. The symbiosis between the old-school feel and new is evident which creates a hybrid model of authentic music."

  • 1. Restless
  • 2. Castle in the Sky
  • 3. Break for Peace
  • 4. Can't Unwind This Heart (feat. Steve Collom)
  • 5. Traveler


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"It is not often, in 2013, that an instrumentalist/remix master comes to the scene and offers an alternative to the music on popular radio stations. Without disrespect to the popular music scene, DJ Unwind is able to take influences from popular music and create something that invokes intelligent thought and provokes a peaceful vibe into the airwaves. Even when accompanying other artists, his musical beats are the guiding force behind it all."

  • 1. Mannequin 
  • 2. Autumn Cinema 
  • 3. The Last Fall 
  • 4. Gatsby 
  • 5. Old Ways New Games 
  • 6. Galaxies 
  • 7. The Beach 
  • 8. Épais


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"There is something to be said for musicians that sidestep the latest subgenre in order to master the harmonic space that they currently find themselves a part of.  With the compounded interest of everyday pressure in everyone’s life, there will always be a need for downtempo recordings. This 7-track EP is headphone-essential music, the kind you want to listen to closely so you don’t miss the subtle nuances within the mix."

  • 1. Twilights and Teardrops
  • 2. Night Foil
  • 3. Endless You
  • 4. Breathe 
  • 5. Revery
  • 6. Natalias Groove 
  • 7. My Sunshine Remix


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Reminiscent of the "golden-era" of hip-hop music, Truth Beyond the Beat is a brilliant display of jazzy beats that embody Unwind's name. In addition, this album is sampled exclusively from vinyl records, including all drum samples. This is a direct representation of Unwind's creativity and approach to an instant classic among the purest of beat-diggers.

  • 1. Understanding
  • 2. The Truth
  • 3. All I Know
  • 4. Just Ride (Interlude)
  • 5. Midwest
  • 6. Think Back
  • 7. Seasons 
  • 8. Scratch (Interlude) 
  • 9. Without Love
  • 10. Loungin
  • 11. Ending of the Beginning

UNKNOWING (feat. Riva Taylor) - single

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"Best described as a lush, appealing mixture of ambient and trip-hop, with hints of new age and European classical music, this haunting single draws influence from Dido to Enya."

("Unknowing" was featured in Season 7 of the hit TV series 'Sons of Anarchy' on FX).

  • 1. Unknowing (feat. Riva Taylor)


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The original recordings from a collaboration between DJ Unwind & Paul Allender.

"Oceans of Velvet, use a finely crafted collage of down-tempo beats, epic guitar solos and honey kissed vocals to melt a listener’s mind into a hazy memory of late nights spent effortlessly drifting through smoky, dim-lit rooms."

  • 1. Tiger Eyes
  • 2. Lost
  • 3. Indigo

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